How Mayong Tracking Experience began.

Artana, Ria, founders, Mayong tracking experience, A hidden Paradise tour Hello, I am Artana and this is my story so far.

Born in a Hindu, working class family on November 13, 1976 in North Bali.
In 1995 I left my village and I went to live and work in Lovina, where I met my wife Ria.

Through my work I meet people who were interested in the quieter lifestyle of the village, in contrast to the hectic life of the busy city.
I took this opportunity to bring people to my village where they experience life in a different way.

As young adults we left to Lovina looking for a job. After the bombing on October 12, 2002 in the center of Kuta, Ria and I have both lost our jobs because of the downturn in tourism and economy.

Together we decided to return to my village and go away from the troubled Kuta. Since I started with "A Hidden Paradise Tour".
The reason for this is that many people showed interest in the beautiful surroundings of Mayong, the forests and rice fields and hiking in the nature,culture and being interactive with the local community.


When we started this website in 2009, we only had the Mayong Village Tracking. Now in 2015 we have some more low budget walks (SEE THE LEFT SITE). But now we also have Villa Riang a luxury villa next to our house, with pool, staff and good service.
Ria and I are delighted to offer this amazing set of 4 days and 3 nights. Of course, our customer service is here also the highest during your stay.


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MAYONG, VILLAGE, TRACKING, EXPERIENCE, COUNTRYSIDE, RICEFIELDS A hidden paradise tour Mayong Bali 3 day 1 night tour

   1 Day Tour
Day 1
Home Ricfields & Countryside of Mayong Jatiluwih Ricfields, Is a UNESCO Heritage Landscape
Lunch   Temple Ulun Danu Breratan and Beratan Lake
Contact   Banjar Hot Springs Go in Relax Mode
Bali Highlight
Guestbook   Buddist Temple Brahma Vihara, The small Borobudur
    Spend the rest of the day on Lovina Beach
    Day 2  
    Dolphin Spotting and Sun Rise
    Walking into the Ricefields and Countryside of Mayong Village.  
    Day 3  
    Old Dutch Colonial Harbor. Singaradja  
    Flavors of the Singaradja Market  
    Sekumpul Waterfall a Spectacular Journey  
    Penelokan - Kintamani, A Place To See