Putu Artana and Ria

is ” Visit Bali Family – Putu Artana and Ria” and helping you get the local cultural tour of the walking tour into the nature  followed by  taste the local lunch cooked ala Ria by visiting our loving family home ( putu Artana and Ria), in the countryside of Lovina ( Mayong Village about 19 kilometers away from central Lovina, North Bali).

Price IDR 300.000/ Person for all experience

Duration the tour about 3.5 hours inclusive lunch time

After the meeting point ( Putu Artana and Ria’s home) we can discuss any special Requirements for you and your group in regards to lunch ( optional), dietary needs for example if you are vegetarian or have any allergies etc.

While i take you on a walking tour of the area, my wife Ria will go to the local markets to buy any ingredients she needs to prepare our lunch.


Let’s explore to the nature for the countryside and Ricefields walk with Putu Artana as your personal guide and as the founder the tour, Putu Artana will share his knowledge of the nature and the local culture.



What you will Experience?

  • Ricefields

Ricefield is the most scenic panorama for tourist but for us in the main food and the major commodity. farming rice is very unique and cultivate, in this short walking tour you will learn and how was work with the rice cultivate.


  • Local Vegetations and Tropical Plants

Bali is riched by the local vegetations and tropical plant such as clove, rambutan, avocado, jack fruit, cashew, pineapple, cocoa, coffee, mangosteen and many more, along the walk to the nature you will see encounter tropical plants and local vegetations.


  • Observe the local farmer in the countryside

Visit the local farmer is the countryside where you can feel the real local life away from the busy world, spent time for local refreshment like drink young coconut water and see their way of life


  • Introducing medicine Plants

Natural medicine is the basic knowledge for the local people in the countryside, while the chemical medicine quiet expensive, they still use natural medicine and you observe some kind natural plants they use for daily preventive medication.


  • Have Local Lunch at Putu Artana and Ria’s Home

Following the walking tour will return to our home for lunch which has been prepared by Ria, she is an excellent  cook and all the food made with Love.

A home made authentic balinese lunch prepare by Ria will be waiting for us on our arrival after walking tour. ofcourse it is all cooked by western standards and will includ the Authentic Bumbu Bali ( Balinese food ingredients ) fresh produce from the local market and absolutely free of MSG ( monosodium glutamate ).

A Special moment, while you enjoy your lunch, Ria will accompany you and chit chat all about the meal you have, our family, local life etc.

more info Lunch Ala Ria

Warm Regards

Putu artana and Ria



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  1. Ton Wijers

    A great experience. We hebben genoten van werkelijke een fantastische middag met deskundige begeleiding door Putu en van de fantastische kookkunst van Ria. Een echte aanrader, zeker als je meer van het echte Bali wil zien en proeven.

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